Around the Farm

New Studio

The barn fire necessitated the building of a new storage facility for lumber and equipment. There won’t be any hay in this barn. The new building will also include a large loft-like studio where clients can visit and see finished works and works in progress. David broke ground and began sawing logs for the walls and floors in September. The studio will be completed in August. He is pictured above with his 8-year-old son Oskar.

New Kiln







Prior to the barn fire, all of David Stine’s lumber was air dried, which, depending on the size and thickness of the board, could take up to 5 years. The barn fire and the resulting loss of inventory prompted him to build a kiln behind his shop. Though he will continue to air dry boards in seasoning sheds, the kiln will enable him to dry boards in as little as 8 weeks. In these pictures, freshly sawn slabs, some as wide as 44 inches, are loaded into the kiln.

Summer Fire







A devastating barn fire in July 2007 destroyed a family barn containing a season’s worth of hay, antique woodworking equipment and two years’ worth of old growth seasoned lumber, valued at over $125,000. David Stine spent much of the late summer and fall, and every available opportunity since then, harvesting and sawing new logs to rebuild his inventory.