How to Get Ready for a Show

People always ask me how to get ready for a show. Well, you have to be prepared, for one thing. And you have to be on time.

The load-in at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show is tightly scheduled. It has to be. There are hundreds of artists and craftspeople exhibiting, and we all have to do the same thing: get there, get unloaded, set up our booths, and get our work ready to show. Luckily, the ACC knows what it’s doing and has load-in down to a science:

1. At the convention center, your load-in times are scheduled. When it’s your turn, you drive right in, unload your stuff, then drive out and park in the artists’ lot. No lollygagging allowed. Get in and get out so the next guy can do the same. Plus we want to get unloaded and set up so we can go out for cocktails later.

Loading in at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Loading in at the Baltimore Convention Center.


2. Then, you have the rest of the day to put down your carpet, erect your walls, and hang your signs:

Everything out of the van!

Everything out of the van!


3. After the booth is constructed, it’s time to arrange the work, polish the pieces, and get ready for tomorrow’s opening to the trade:

Almost ready...

Almost ready…


It’s very exciting to participate in a show like this. Everyone’s work is super high quality, and we all share the same ethos — traditional American craftsmanship.

The show is opens tomorrow and Thursday to the trade/wholesale and runs Friday through Sunday for the general public. For more information, visit the American Craft Council Baltimore’s website.

And if you are in Baltimore, come see me — booth 723.

I also highly recommend these other artists, whose work I think is extraordinary:

Justin Teilhet, ceramics, booth 1901

Michael Bauermeister, wood, booth 803


Thanks everyone!