Making a Round Table

Dave recently made a gorgeous black walnut round table for a client in Chicago:

walnut round table 1


The top of the table is made from a striking black walnut board from the crotch of the tree, which features spectacular graining:

walnut round table 2


Here’s the process of making that table.


1. It starts with the right piece of wood. Here’s the raw slab:

walnut round table 3


2. After the raw slab was dried and flattened, Dave marked out the 44-inch diameter circle and started the fill process for any cracks or imperfections:

walnut round table 4


3. The top was carefully cut, the fill complete, and the sanding began:

walnut round table 5


4. After the top was sanded, Dave used a satin lacquer finish, which really showcases the gorgeous color and graining of the walnut:

walnut round table 6


5. These are the offcuts from the original slab. Dave stashed these under his workbench. They’ll get put to good use someday!

walnut round table 7


6. The custom pedestal base was designed and the pieces cut:

walnut round table 8



7. Then assembled:

walnut round table 9



8. And attached to the top:

walnut round table 10


9. And here is the finished product:

 Round walnut table