The Making of a Cherry Slab Table

Our annual trip out west is approaching, where Dave does shows in Park City, Utah and Jackson, Wyoming, two of our best markets and favorite spots in the U.S.

For a client in Park City, Dave recently crafted a two slab cherry dining table from a book matched pair of beautiful cherry slabs:

Cherry Dining Table

The table features two sustainably harvested sister boards of American black cherry, 10 feet long and 40 inches wide. The base is a scaffold-style in black walnut.

Here’s how the table was made:

1. The slabs are chosen, measured, and laid out for cutting:

Cherry 104 1 and 104-2 copy

2. The slabs are planed:

2. IMG_2443


3. The slabs are joined:

3. IMG_2444


4. After the slabs have been joined, Dave measures for a buttery key:

4. IMG_2458


5. A cardboard cutout is used for reference:

5. IMG_2466


6. The key shape is routed and hand chiseled:

6. IMG_2507


7. The key is inserted:

7. IMG_2508


8: The key is planed:

8. IMG_2511


9: The key is flush and finished:

9. IMG_2512



10. The walnut bases are built. Here, Dave used scaffold bases:


10. IMG_2575



11. The bases are finished with hand-rubbed linseed oil:


11. IMG_2585



12. The bases are attached to the tops:


12. IMG_2589



The top is finished with hand-rubbed linseed oil.


13. IMG_2557



14: And here is the finished product!



14. IMG_2603


15: And here it is delivered and set up in the house!

Sheinberg Table In Situ