Dave recently made a beautiful live-edge walnut slab table for clients in Tucson, Arizona. The table measured 57″ wide and 12′ long:

Walnut Two-Board Table


Here’s how it was made:

1. First, Dave chose the boards for the top:

Raw walnut boards


2. Then, Dave trimmed the boards, planed them, and glued them together  for a seamless fit:

Walnut boards glued together



3. He then planed the top again, finely sanded it, and finished it with many, many hand-rubbed coats of finish:

Finished walnut top



4. Then Dave made the base. For this table he crafted a walnut slab base with multiple stretchers. Here are the raw boards:

Raw walnut boards for braces



5. He used a circular saw to get a straight edge:

Sawing walnut boards



6. Then, using the straight edge as a reference, he used a table saw to saw the boards to 4″ wide:

Sawing walnut boards



7. The boards then got planed to 2.5″ x 3.5″

7. finished rails



8. He joined the rails to the slab base legs:

Base and top are ready



9. Then he did a test fit with the top for a perfect fit:

9. Practice fit



10. He finished the base, packed the table in his van, and delivered it personally to clients in beautiful Tucson:




11. And here’s the table in the client’s dining room:

Two-board Walnut dining table