Our Process

Everything we do is handcrafted and custom-made from sustainably harvested Illinois hardwoods. Clients may order items based on something in our portfolio, or Dave will design and craft something just for them. These pictures demonstrate the process behind the Lamb Table, which features a spectacular 43″ wide, 105″ long live-edge top of oak, with inset black walnut bowtie keys, a trestle base of white and black oak, and matching oak and walnut benches.

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1. After sustainable harvesting from our forests, the logs are transported to the farm.
2. The logs are sawed into thick slabs. With this log, it’s a two-man job.
2 two-man sawing-slab-furniture
3. Once the logs are sawed, Dave brushes them clean and inspects each one.
4. Though most slabs are air dried, the boards from this tree are moved into the kiln for faster drying.
4 slabs in kiln
5. The right slab is selected for the client. Clients often travel to the farm and woodshop to choose their own boards.
6. The table legs are built and planed by hand.
6 table legs slab wood furniture
7. The legs and base are assembled.
8. A small distraction.
9. The tabletop is planed by hand.
10. A detail of Dave planing his hand-cut inlaid black walnut bowtie keys.
11. The table is complete, along with matching benches.
12. The table is delivered to the client.