The Standing Desk!

Introducing the David Stine Woodworking Standing Desk!

This beautiful, elegant desk was designed for my lovely wife Stephanie, who last year suffered from sciatica (ouch!) and knee problems (double ouch!). Her doctors recommended that she get a standing desk, and she asked me to design and build one for her.

Darling Stephanie, your wish is my command!

Here’s the desk in lowered position:

standing desk


And upright:

standing desk upright

She wanted soemthing simple and elegant with a subtle live edge, a center drawer, and an easy mechanism for raising and lowering the top. The mechanism is electrical and the super simple control (up, down) is located to the left of the center drawer:

Standing desk controls

The desk features a single board top of sustainably harvested live-edge Tulip Polar (and will also be available in or Oak). The top measures 28.5″ wide and 48″ long and features a natural finish of hand-rubbed linseed oil.

Steph’s been using it now for two months and loves it! I’ll show two versions of the Standing Desk (Poplar and Oak) for the first time at the One-of-a-Kind Show in Chicago (Dec. 5-8 at the Merchandise Mart) and take orders right away.

What do you think? Let me know!!